Rummana Campsite

The Rummana Campsite occupies a rare and exceptionally beautiful location within the designated core zone of Dana Biosphere Reserve. Originally, the location of the campsite was a favored Bedouin camping area, occupied every summer season for goat grazing. At present, the campsite contains 20 large tents that can house up to 60 people, bathrooms, and barbecue grills for visitor use. Each tent comes equipped with mattresses, blankets and pillows. Traditional Arabic meals are also provided upon request. The campsite is open from 15th of March to 31st of October.
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  • Dana
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House Rules
By minimizing your impact on wildlife, you will help us to protect and preserve the sanctity of these reserves for future generations.
Please remember:
Stay on trail with the guide and do not wander alone in the reserve unless you are in a free access area
Protect all nature: no hunting or collecting of plants, animals, rocks, artifacts or fire wood; leave things as they are where you find them
Do not approach, threaten, or feed wildlife
Do not damage trees
Do not add graffiti on any surface within the reserve
Water is a scarce resource in Jordan, please conserve and keep water sources clean
Fire making is strictly prohibited in all reserves, except in designated barbecue pits
Respect nature: keep noise to minimum, be kind to living creatures.
Keep the area clean and take your litter away
Stick to designated roads while driving. Off-road motoring is both risky and damaging to the environment
Leave your vehicles outside the reserve
Smoking is allowed in smoking areas only
We discourage drinking alcohol in the reserves for cultural reasons and thank you for your understanding
Pets are not allowed inside the reserve under any circumstances


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All prices include Gweet's service fees
USD 64/JOD 45 Daily
USD 447/JOD 317 Weekly
USD 1914/JOD 1357 Monthly
USD 22968/JOD 16284 Yearly
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